Peter Hamilton

Producer, Recording/Mix Engineer and Location Sound Specialist

Peter Hamilton is an award winning Recording and Mix Engineer, Music Producer, Location Sound Specialist, and Television Sound Supervisor.



Photo By Stephen Patterson   

Photo By Stephen Patterson


Peter Hamilton is an award-winning Producer, Recording/Mix Engineer, and Location Sound Recordist based in both Toronto and New York City.

After attending Toronto's Humber College Music Performance and Composition program Peter continued his creative arts education by enrolling in the Producing and Engineering Program of the Harris Institute for the Arts in 1991. His enthusiasm and dedicated work ethic resulted in his being awarded the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts Society's Academic Scholarship for highest academic achievement.

In 1992, he created and opened One Fell Swoop Productions Ltd, a recording and mixing facility in Toronto, Canada. Combining the latest digital and classic analog recording equipment and techniques, the business continues to operate and grow today. This hybrid approach allows Peter to transition easily from Music Production to Broadcast Mixing and to Location Audio Services. 

 Peter's extensive work in multiple radio frequency mics and complex technical audio design has made him a skilled and reliable provider of large format reality/variety/documentary based television sound production and recording services. Peter also supplies sound supervisory services for several well-established television programs currently airing on a variety of networks in North America and around the world.

His company, One Fell Swoop Productions, also offers a comprehensive inventory of professional audio equipment rentals to meet the needs of any sized production or recording requirements.


After more than 25 years in the music recording and television broadcast industries, Peter is comfortable in elaborate studio environments, concert venues, audio mobiles, log cabins, or on the tops of active volcanoes in far flung corners of the earth with a multi-track mobile recording rig or location audio field kit.